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What career opportunities does Agis offer?

Please note that we are currently closed for new applications. Once we are hiring for new positions, we will provide details here.

Value Proposition

We offer a dynamic and unique learning environment where our colleagues immediately take on responsibility across a broad range of tasks and activities. From the outset, you will be exposed to every aspect of our client engagement, resulting a steep learning curve and rapid growth in a broad set of business experiences. The knowledge and exposure gained at Agis is a stepping stone for a career path in industry, entrepreneurial ventures, or financial services industry – or a long term career at Agis.

Professional Development

We believe in the age old cliché of “our people are our strongest assets”. This ideology breeds a culture of continuous development and continuous 360o feedback. Agis assists its staff in developing their capability sets on the job (on-project coaching and staffing on “stretch-roles”), in the work environment (career mentorship and specific functional training as may be required), and outside the firm (providing study leave and in some cases support for graduate degrees).

The Right Fit

We look for independent thinkers from diverse backgrounds with the ability to consistently deliver quality work, push the envelope, and find innovative solutions to difficult problems. Agis employees are entrepreneurial by nature and are always looking for new, innovative ways to drive returns and solve problems. Analytical and problem-solving abilities coupled with leadership potential will benefit your future career at Agis. Commercial awareness, in particular as it relates to solving strategic growth and investment problems, is of importance.

Who We Look For

We look for well-rounded candidates with top percentile achievement throughout their education, evidence of extracurricular activity (a “team player”), and solid analytical and communication capabilities. A financial degree or experience in the financial industry is not necessary. Agis recruits throughout the year and is continuously seeking potential hires across analyst, associate and principal / project manager levels.




Application Process

If you would like to apply to Agis, please email the following documents to

Cover Letter


Academic Transcript